Yuan Ching Secondary School: Wall Mural

Case Study

A learning wall that encourage learning

How we helped a Mathematics Department attract students to the new learning corner
Graphics Concept + IllustrationPop-up display designManaged PrintIT equipment integration
Graphics Concept + IllustrationPop-up display design
Managed PrintIT equipment integration
Client + Challenge

The Assignment

At the turn of 2021, each students in Yuan Ching Secondary School (YCSS) will be equipped with a personal iPad for learning. We wanted an interactive mathematics learning where students can share their ideas freely using the new device.

Yuan Ching Secondary School
103 Yuan Ching Road
“We want to create a learning wall that student are excited to hang out at”

The Ministry of Education has rolled out a programme aimed at educating every students to be competent in using digital devices. The National Digital Literacy programme sees every students issued with their personal learning device. The Mathematics HOD wants a refresh of the wall which complements the existing aquarium display which was built in 2009 by the Arts department staff and students. The wall’s position is also semi-outdoor with bright sunshine. So we want a wall that not only attract students, but be able to function well without impacting their learning.

The Solution

Step #1: Analyse the site

The team analysed the motivation of the National Digital Literacy Programme and age group of the secondary school students

Step #2: Zero in on current illustrations trends

The team agreed that watercoloring style illustration is widespread and visually appealing to children and adults. It also complements the existing aquarium display.

Alternatively, a detailed pencil illustration with cross-hatching modelled after a scientific illustration is also popular.

Step #3: Create visually pleasing graphics that resonates

Coloured version is preferred for a vibrant look. Drawn in a natural style, the large wall provides a visual interest to the space.

  • Deep blue provides a stark contrast for the vibrant aqua elements
  • Detailed illustration of giant squid balance the size of the existing art pieces
  • The slat wall shelving serves as a visual representation of a deep-sea treasure chest

The Deliverables

At the end of the project, Yuan Ching Secondary School got:

  • Attractive and unique that brought praises from the staff and student
  • Pre-launch visualisation for key touch point to be sure how it looks before production
  • Managed print and installation service of the campaign collaterals