Singapore Visitor Center

Case Study: Creating Space Identity

National Day decoration for Singapore Visitor Centre at Emerald Hill, NDP 2019.

STB-SVC space identity

Coinciding with the renovation of Singapore Visitor Centre at Emerald Hill, we took over the blank canvas provided by the interior designer to paint a story for Singapore Tourism Board.

Designed as a one-stop information locale for tourists in Singapore, the Visitor Centre was refreshed with digital kiosks to connect the experience both physically and online.

The interactive kiosks were originally designed to be content neutral, white facade was used. The kiosks and glass entrance were then given a facelift to include more story of Singapore heritage.

216 Orchard Road, Singapore Visitor Center

  • Environmental Graphic Design concept
  • Illustration
  • Production

A key touchpoint for tourists all over the world. We have to tell stories of different landmarks in Singapore in a quick manner. Branding our space is a big step forward to spark interest in our landmarks.

National Day decoration for Singapore Visitor Centre at Emerald Hill, NDP 2019.

Space before EGD revamp

Bringing our world-famous Singapore River Cruise right up to the door.

The heavily marketed Singapore River is one of the impressive tourist attractions in the mind of the tourists.

The boats were designed onto the sliding panels, allowing them to hide behind our iconic Gardens By The Bay and Merlion while the door opens, creating a visual interest right at the door step before tourists enter into the space.

The Katong Shophouses. Now as an interactive kiosk.

As a high touch-point facility, the 3 white kiosks provide an opportunity to be redesigned to bring in the story of the famous Katong Shophouses.

Cladded in vibrant colours, the traditional Nyona tiles and shophouse elements were also illustrated and arranged to transform the kiosks into 3 distinctive shophouses.

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