Singapore Visitor Centre

Case Study

Decals designed to highlight Singapore’s tourism hotspots in a playful manner

How we helped a Managing Agent team made their space more playful for the tourists.
Design ConceptCustom IllustrationsPre-launch VisualisationManaged Print and Installation
Design ConceptCustom Illustrations
Pre-launch VisualisationManaged Print and Installation
Client + Challenge

The Assignment

Singapore Visitor Centre @ Emerald Hill (SVC) is an information stopover designed to help tourists make bookings, explore more about Singapore. Managed by Singapore Tourism Board, this space sees events and seasonal activities being held to engage tourists.

After undergoing a major revamp with a neutral interior theme, we were tasked to transform the space further to make it more playful and inviting to the crowd.

Singapore Visitor Centre @ Emerald Hill
216 Orchard Road
“Our renovation was good, but it is a bit plain”

The revamp was done up to introduce the use of technology to help visitors explore more of Singapore. There are four interactive information kiosks that allow visitors to first browse and select places to explore, before putting them together in a digital itinerary. This personalised itinerary can then be printed immediately and/or emailed to the visitors’ smartphones. The original renovation theme was aimed to be more neutral, but it somehow lacks pop. We thought of getting a design agency to make it more lively.

The Solution

Step #1: Analyse the usage of the space and crowd profile

The team went down to the site to have a look and observed the crowd and how they interacted with the kiosks and space.

The verdict:

  • The crowd is diverse
  • The visitors have few common intent when they entered the space: to seek help with bookings and directions
  • Tourists tend to ignored the kiosks, not knowing that they were interactive
  • Kiosks had to be introduced by the SVC greeters

It became clear that while the kiosks are designed to be useful, they are frequently ignored, putting the original investments of digitalising the space at risk.

Step #2: Identifying the spirit of the space

Singapore Visitor Centre – in another word, the space is designed to help tourists gather information more efficiently and eliminate road-blocks that might dilute their entire experience during their stay in Singapore. Up at Level 2, an experience lab aims to help tourists gain deeper understanding of Singapore’s history and culture.

In general, this space has a very high-touch point and very important in framing the Singapore brand.

Step #3: Create playful content that brings attention

Using the insights from the survey, the team planned two key elements that can help elevate the experience

  • A sliding door that shows a little playfulness
  • Interactive kiosks that is visually interesting and linked to one of our tourist hot spot

The Deliverables

At the end of the project, Singapore Tourism Board got:

  • Decal on the interactive kiosks that mimics the Joo Chiat colours shophouses.
  • A set of sliding door decal that features 2 bumboats peeking behind the Merlion and Gardens by the Bay Supertree.
The playful door greeters
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