Pioneer Zone 6 RN: Experiential Christmas Garden

Pioneer Zone 6 Resident's Network Christmas decoration - Garden of Reindeer
Case Study

Neighbourhood Christmas installation that got featured on Straits Times

How we helped a Resident’s Committee create a garden that got the residents talking
Campaign ConceptPop-up display designManaged PrintProps fabrication and installation
Campaign ConceptPop-up display design
Managed PrintProps fabrication and installation
Client + Challenge

The Assignment

Pioneer Zone 6 Resident’s Network is big on resident’s engagement. Every year, they will organise photo contests, offline events for the residents throughout the year. We were tasked to create a decoration for their Christmas celebration.

Pioneer Zone 6 Resident’s Network
664 Jurong West Street 65
“Our residents engagement cannot continue to be watered down with COVID-19”

Pioneer Zone 6 RN used to hold a lot of events such as food bazaar during Hari Raya, lion dance for Chinese New Year. The COVID-19 pandemic has ended much of the offline activities with all the Safe Management Measures. It has dragged for 2 years, and we think we cannot afford to wait out for the pandemic to be over. We should continue to engage the residents beyond the photo contests.

The Solution

Step #1: Analyse the crowd

This was the first time the team we tasked to do something outdoor. We analysed profile of the residents through the Facebook page.

The verdict:

  • The crowd is largely young families
  • Offline activities also have elderly residents involved, but they can’t participate in intense activities

Step #2: Planning for space and activities that comply with Safe Management Measures

The team agreed that a display that span a large area could be a key to meeting Safe Management Measures. A display with many photo opportunities point can help to spread the crowd.

Garden of reindeers and sleigh at Pioneer Zone 6 RN

Step #3: Maximising participation with multiple touch points

With an extremely tight budget, we have to find ways to create a focus using appropriate materials

  • Two arch and garlands form a circle around the main display area
  • Elements like reindeers with sleigh in the central display provide high impact visual interest
  • Four other reindeers within the space allows for more residents to participate in the photo opportunity.
Reindeer at Pioneer Zone 6 RN Christmas decoration

The Deliverables

At the end of the project, Pioneer Zone 6 RN got:

  • Unique Christmas themed garden that engages residents across different age groups
  • Pre-launch visualisation for key touch point to be sure how it looks before production
  • Managed fabrication and installation service of the entire setup.
Pioneer Zone 6 Resident's Network Christmas decoration - Garden of Reindeer
Garden of reindeers and sleigh at Pioneer Zone 6 RN
Featured on Straits Times, 24 Dec 2021
“We don’t have to go to Orchard this Christmas ”

The Christmas setup was very well-loved by kids and adults! Kids enjoyed hanging around the display, and we are happy to know that the team has managed the electrical risks with low current setup and the lightings do work consistently through the display of 1.5 months.

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