OMB NDP 2020

One Marina Boulevard – NDP 2020. The year of the pandemic.

Keeping Singapore’s spirit high during uncertain time

2020 marks the first time when we could not attend any NDP parade physically since Singapore’s independence. Throngs of people would usually crowd around the Marina Bay to soak in the festive mood as the fireworks decorate the night sky.

We picked the theme Singapore CityScape for One Marina Boulevard which coincidentally works very well as we imagine how would it be like on the 9 August 2020 without the pandemic. Kids would deck out in red and white attire, playing around the Marina Bay Area.

1 Marina Boulevard, One Marina Boulevard

  • NDP decor adaptation
  • Fabrication
  • Installation

2020. The year when we could not attend the NDP physically since Singapore’s Independence.

Space before EGD revamp

Plans to decorate for festive season?