Lifelong Learning Institute: NDP 2017

National Day Decoration Service for Lifelong Learning Institute - Pillar Wrap
Case Study

Effortless National Day decoration with integrated design and installation service

How we helped a 2-man outreach team decorate the campus effortlessly like a big marketing campaign
Design ConceptCustom IllustrationsManaged Print and Installation
Design Concept
Managed Print and Installation
Custom Illustrations
Client + Challenge

The Assignment

Lifelong Learning Institute @ Paya Lebar is a Continuing Education & Training (CET) campuses for adult learning. Every year, they will outsource the decoration to the facilities team, but they want something different this year. We were tasked to help with the graphics presentation of the festive.

Lifelong Learning Institute
11 Eunos Road
“Our previous decorations look old school”

Every 9 August, the space is decorated with Singapore flags littered around. Some vertical banners are placed on the pillars around the campus. Pretty thoughtless, but it gets the job done. However, we think it can be better like how the shopping malls and some of the office buildings in CBD do it. Our colleagues at One Marina Boulevard have customised banners and decals, so why not we have them at our site too?

The Solution

Step #1: Analyse the crowd

We were approached to take care of the graphics. The team analysed the campus and took note of key opportunities to optimise cost

The verdict:

  • The drop off point has high traffic when adults hurry to their class in the evening
  • The walkway facing a major road has high visibility

Step #2: Zero in on an appropriate style

The team agreed that a being a corporate space, something that is not too complex might suit the overall theme and company. We took a look at existing offerings to check what can be done. Additionally, we would like to avoid a simple red that is typically reserved for government buildings.

Existing banner designs in the market

Step #3: Create visually pleasing graphics that resonates

Using the insights from the crowd profile, we derived a design that is celebratory and clean

  • A neat and bold typography
  • Subtle background with pieces of tessellation
  • 5 stars as a reminder of Singapore’s value

The Deliverables

At the end of the project, Lifelong Learning got:

  • Modern and unique decoration that resonates with their crowd profile
  • Pre-launch visualisation for key touch point to be sure how it looks before production
  • Managed print and installation service of the campaign collaterals.
National Day Decoration Service for Lifelong Learning Institute - Pillar Wrap
National Day Decoration Service for Lifelong Learning Institute - Sticker
National Day Decoration Service for Lifelong Learning Institute - Foamboard and Decal
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